Some Mystics believe that what we experience in this world of ours is but one version of reality. According to them there are many versions, many variants, of the same event that are spread along the infinite number of parallel worlds constituting the True Universe. I find this belief attractive and have often amused myself speculating on how historical events would have evolved in some other reality, parallel to our own –similar, yet different. Imagine for example a world where women would have taken the upper hand, shaping history, while men would stay at home, raising children and waiting eagerly for the return of their victorious (or defeated) warrior wives!

I decided to start a series on this “what if” theme, trying to visualize some moments in our history as they could have developed in this hypothetical parallel universe of female supremacy. Any requests or ideas are always welcome… :)
Green Berets
The "What If..." Series
Panzer IV
Legionnaires on Patrol
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The Vietnam Series

Dedicated to the boys who didn't come back.
GI Blues
Get Charlie!
This Ain't No Picnic!
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EdW: BDU (M3)
Helgard: Pibber MKII
John Hoagland: Huey Helicopter
Panko: GI Combat Gear-M3_Vietnam

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